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Generosity should be Joyful

Your financial status isn’t measured by how much stuff you can manage to buy with your credit line. It’s measured by the opportunities you get to graciously give to others. Your support helps us give back to two charitable projects we believe in.

Giving Back at Stewardship Insurance

For every family insured with Stewardship Insurance, three orphaned and needy children in Africa are fed for an entire month through Orchard: Africa. This donation is paid for directly out of Stewardship’s commission. It does not cause any mark up or increase to customers insurance premiums in any way. Stewardship simply believes that a portion of our natural income should be used to help those in need. Orchard: Africa is an outstanding non-profit that is doing great things in a place of need. You may learn more about them by visiting

Giving Back at Stewardship Mortgage

Stewardship Mortgage is committed to helping solve real problems in another part of the world. “Each year we take a portion of our profit and donate it towards supporting a whole village in Southern Africa. This mean that our customer have an impact in funding meals, caring for orphans, supporting AIDs prevention, and more for those who desperately need it." The above is not just a nice statement, but a reality. The name of the village Stewardship Mortgage supports is “Tumelong Village.”

The Bottom Line

Our Customers are a part of feeding hungry and needy children because they chose to work with Stewardship Insurance.

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What Orchard Africa is all about.

Food & Agriculture

Orchard Africa implements lunch meal programs and vertical farming initiatives to end hunger.


Orchard Africa develops and starts preschools and after school learning centers in local churches.


Orchard Africa cares for the sick, widows and orphans by providing home based care and counseling.


Orchard Africa trains and mentors church leaders to respond to the immediate needs of their own communities.

To find out more about the village and impact being made there please go to There you will find notes from people in the village and other encouraging data that shows the impact being made.

These donations do not cause an increase in the mortgage fees charged to our customers. Stewardship Mortgage simply believes in giving a portion of our natural income to those in need.

Thank You

to our current customers for not only your business,
but the impact you are making in the lives of 'the least of these.'